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Michael James

Teacher, Counselor, Author and Speaker

"I have a passion for our spiritual journey and enjoy working with others who yearn to evolve and blossom from the inside out!"

Michael's true passion is to teach and help others dramatically change their lives by deeply reconnecting with their heart space and remembering who they truly are as children of God - stepping back into the power of their connection with God and regaining healthy clarity of their boundaries! This creates dynamic change in their health, relationships, general happiness and success in life!

"Thank you Michael for the tools you gave me so I could embrace my self-doubt and life's reflections back to me. It is amazing once that door has opened, all day I feel things I have judged and go into my heart space and feel it and heal it and I am happy and at peace."

"Michael is a very gifted teacher, able to bring one to that place of peace and calm."

"The unconscious truths that Michael has brought forward for me have been incredibly powerful and life-changing."

“Michael James has a depth of compassion that has touched my heart in many ways."

"Michael has an amazing gift of insight and perspective that he shares through his counseling that has truly been a blessing in my life."

"Michael has been an invaluable resource during a very difficult time. His work has kept me on course for self discovery, personal growth and healing."

“Michael is a very gifted, powerful and clear channel for healing energy and profound wisdom."