Michael James

Teacher, Counselor, Author and Speaker

About Michael: I have been involved in deepening my relationship with God since the late 80's, always striving to be a cleaner, clear and open conduit for His Love and Light.

On this journey, I have received many amazing gifts. One of the most profound was receiving the gift of "The Irony of Forgiveness," a form of spiritual counseling and life guidance that continues to grow and express itself in deeper and more meaningful ways - which is reflected in the incredible journeys of my clients!

I always yearn to become more "aware" of God's presence in my life, and to recognize God's Love & Light that surrounds each and every one of us. So whether I am writing, speaking, or in a conversation with others, I always try to recognize God's Love coming forward to heal us, to fill that deep yearning we all feel, and I am both honored and humbled by the experience! 

Contact me at 408 857-1120