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Michael James

Teacher, Counselor, Author and Speaker


Michael has helped me for the last few years to reach deeper into myself. Through this process I have gained much insight. Recently I was at a tipping point and contacted Michael. I cannot tell you how much my life has changed and how happy I am. I choose clarity and am presented with many emotions that I can now identify, embrace, find the reflection and let it go. I feel like a kid again with love, happiness and playfullness just overflowing. I have embraced what my asthma was showing me and have not used an inhaler or have any symptoms of my asthma anymore. I am turning negative thinking into positive, loving energy that no matter what is going on I am happy and content. Trust and feel that connection; there is nothing like it. Thank you Michael for the tools you gave me so I could embrace my self-doubt and life's reflections back to me. It is amazing once that door has opened all day I feel things I have judged and go into my heart space and feel it and heal it and I am happy and at peace.



"Michael is a very gifted healer, able to bring one to that place of peace and calm. It was at first unsettling to be in the presence of someone so absolutely non-judgemental, but I soon came to be humbled by such a way of being and then felt so entirely safe with him. His quiet and truthful presence reflected my limiting beliefs back to me in the most gentle and kind way for me to observe and dissolve. Through Michael, I was able to forge a stronger connection with my higher self and experience the source of my true personal power. Michael helped me clear away another layer of old energy and really connect through my heartspace. It’s had a lasting effect and I’m tremendously grateful! I will return to Michael for another healing very soon."

Tammy C.

"The unconscious truths that Michael has brought forward for me have been incredibly powerful and life-changing. During one session I asked for clarity on a book I was writing. Michael's guidance brought such specific information, I was amazed.

These insights completely changed the direction of the book and brought my writing to a whole new level. Michael rocks!"

Corinne C.

“Michael James has a depth of compassion that has touched my heart in many ways. His compassion is the foundation for his extraordinary gift as a healer and messenger of Divine Wisdom which he has constantly been able to support me with in my own soul's journey.”

Nikki C.

"I am eternally grateful for having been introduced to Michael and to have had his support for my journey over the past several months. Michael has an amazing gift of insight and perspective that he shares through his counseling that has truly been a blessing in my life. He communicates with tremendous compassion and understanding, and never with judgment. Michael has assisted me in making incredibly impactful changes in my life in a very short time and in ways that I never imagined possible. "

Joanne C.

"Michael has been an invaluable resource during a very difficult time. His work has kept me on course for self discovery, personal growth and healing. Michael has helped me step out of my "story", identify my TRUE core beliefs and move forward in positive, constructive ways. If you are stuck and need help getting moving, I highly recommend you get in touch with Michael. He is gifted and compassionate and will help you peel the onion of your story to get to your TRUE core beliefs so that you can get moving in very little time."

Thomas T.

"I experienced an enormous release of a long-standing pattern, or network of patterns, that freed me to become more of who I truly am! This session with Michael opened my heart in huge ways that shifted these patterns, and especially out of my heart. Micheal was very skilled in helping me hone my intention for the session, and his insights helped so much for me to see and feel all of what I was letting go.

My life has opened up in joyous ways since the session with Michael and I AM Grateful!! Michael has an incredibly gentle, strong and grounded presence, and the love in his sessions is very pure and life transforming."


"When I first entered into the session, I was aggravated by chronic coughing, and I feared I might be coughing through the entire session. From the moment I entered the room while soft music was playing in the background, till the end of the session, I did not cough once. I remained calm, relaxed, and open through it all while letting my mind just wander. Interesting visions came during the process that made me feel was part of past life experiences, along with visions of present experiences. Later, Michael talked about what came up during my releasing and it did, indeed, feel like a huge weight had been taken off me. I know I will continue to do the work Michael has started and I'm very grateful he is available by phone for follow ups!"


"Michael was so 'right on' with what I am trying to achieve in my life. His insight has helped me to listen more to my inner wisdom and acknowledge my fear. To also embrace all parts of me, fear and all, and move forward. This experience was very enlightening, and I would recommend working with Michael to anyone who is open to growing. He was right in tune with what was going on in my life. I also felt that he acknowledged or was able to sense the fact that I had been working on expanding my life in certain areas."


“Michael created a safe and healing space for me to relax in to. His authentic and genuine healing was a great gift for me to receive. I found his touch gentle and energetic which brought balance to my body and spirit. Michael's sessions are remarkable and clearly insightful. I'm looking forward to our next session!”

John S.

“Michael is a very gifted, powerful and clear channel for healing energy and profound wisdom. I felt such unconditional love and tremendous peace during my healing session. I felt the presence and communication from many different ascended masters and angels during my session and at one point could actually feel their hands on me, literally! The session left me with the most amazing feeling of just having gone "home". It was beautiful!”

Penny L.

“Michael is tremendous! He has really helped me with my headaches, aches, pains and wisdom. I can't wait until I see him again.”

Diane G.

“Your words have profoundly changed my worldview. I am so grateful for the inner peace and weightlessness I feel from your intuitive insight. I honestly feel the times we have spoken to be some of the most significant moments of my spiritual journey. Your generous support and encouragement is a guiding light in my life that always leads me to feel more connected to myself. You are an amazing teacher and friend that I am so blessed to have!”

Meghan T.

"Michael is a very compassionate and loving teacher. After each session I have had with Michael, I leave feeling more calm, centered, and focused. He is highly intuitive and his ability to channel loving, healing energy is exceptional in the field. He is a true teacher in that he demonstrates unconditional love not only in his healing sessions but in his personal life with his family and friends. He walks his talk!"

Jessica S.

“I was really impressed by your session with me. What a "blind spot" you helped me see. I am relieved to see it - means I can stop stepping on my own toes and make better forward momentum - and feel more connected to my Soul. Lots of positive inner shifting since your session. Also, I find your perspective to be very accurate! Thanks for your loving guidance.

I look forward to more.”

Patricia K.

Michael James is the real deal; the best – well worth every dollar spent. We were drawn to him instantly when we met him as a speaker at the Gift of the Shift Conference in Sedona, AZ. The energy that exudes from him is very inviting and welcoming. We have had several sessions with him and we can say he has done much good for us in helping us to raise our own consciousness. Michael is a warm hearted, caring, compassionate, understanding teacher with no ego attached. He has helped me to open my heart and live in my heart space and pay attention to my heart’s desires. When we talk to him about our worldly issues, he has a way of seeing it from a higher frequency, from a place within spirit, and helps us see things from a higher perspective. I have been held back by anger for most of my 60 years; an anger that has simmered since youth but has for the most part been tightly contained. After several visits with him, much of this anger has evaporated. My wife has had several profound experiences while in session with Michael and afterwards.

And if you are looking for a good novel that is has suspense, keeps you guessing and hungry for more, read his book The Room. It will be well worth your time. Thank you Universe for the gift of Michael James."

Dick and Linda W.